Flyover Patio at Ashmore

Here’s a perfect example of a “fly-over” patio that has added an enourmous level of functionality and value to another Gold Coast home.

We recently built this insulated patio and harwood deck in the backyard of a home in Ashmore, Gold Coast. The new patio area provides a great place to entertain, relax and enjoy outdoor living all year round.

The raised hardwood deck, which is also fenced using glass balustrade, extends from the back entry of the home, right down to the pool. We also built a “fly-over” patio to acheive a greater roof height and therefor create a larger space. This is another one of our patios that has utilised integrated lighting.

What is a fly-over patio?

A fly over patio is a style of patio that connects to the existing roof of a home – allowing the new structure to be built higher. Other benefits include light, ventalation and sometimes a more straightforward installation.

If you’ve been thinking about a new patio, carport or deck for your Gold Coast home, now is the perfect time to make it a reality.