Patios and Pergolas built for the Gold Coast

Patios and Pergolas provide a space to live, entertain and enjoy the outdoors. It’s not uncommon for our customers to tell us they spend more time under the patio than inside!

We’ve built hundreds of patios and pergolas for happy customers all over the Gold Coast region.

From architecturally designed, wrap-around patios that sit right on the water’s edge, right through to small backyard extensions – we’ve done the lot. We have developed a genuine understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

We build Patios & Pergolas to suit your budget.

Here are a few answers to common questions we receive from our valued customers.

This varies obviously from project to project. Some patio projects cost as little as $3,000 while more complex patio structures can cost $100,000+

The main factors in determining a patio or pergola price are:

  1. Size of the job. How big is the area for the proposed patio or pergola? The larger the area, the more roofing, structural posts, parts and labor is involved.
  2. Your choice of materials. For example, our standard materials (COLORBOND® roofing, hardwood posts etc.) are cheaper than alternatives such as aluminium and stainless steel.
  3.  The location and environment. If your home is perched on the side of a hill or steep embankment, there may be more labor and engineering involved to complete your project – therefore a higher cost.

We offer completely obligation free quotes. We take pride in our pricing being fair and reasonable. Our work is completed to the highest standards and we provide a complete service.

We take pride in delivering projects on time and within budget. When we set a schedule for your project, we’ll do our absolute best to stay within it.

A standard 10M² Patio with COLORBOND® insulated roofing and hardwood posts in a normal backyard could take as little as 2 weeks to deliver – from the time you’ve ordered to the time of completion. But obviously, there are a range of factors that determine the our delivery timeframe.

  1. Our current project workload. We’re busy, all year round. It’s rare for us to have any downtime, so depending on your project, we will need to schedule your project in, based on this.
  2. Availability of materials. We’re lucky enough to have a strong network of suppliers that we have developed over the years. We have a constant, reliable source of 95% of the materials customers require, but if you’re after something that’s harder to find or needs to be custom made, this will impact on delivery times.

Here are a variety of Patio and Pergola projects we have completed in the Gold Coast region.

Patios Gold Coast